NUDE+ Peeling knife

NUDE+ Peeling knife

It suitable for peeling small flutes skin, and also decorative cut.

The blade reflects the traditional craftsmanship based on the spirit of samurai sword.
This took will be an asset to your modern kitchen.

We made entire blade from steel, and finished to its beautiful form.
The sharp edge is created by grinding the blade repeatedly and carefully, while the unified handle adds to creating a beauty forever.

We believe that this beautiful and functional NUDE+ will soon become a favorite kitchen took in your life.


  • Technique
    Steel is shaped into a blade and handle by laser, after which it is tempered and cooied to subzero temperature, cooling rapidly to -75 degrees.
    This forms a uniform crystal which creates a stronger, firmer blade. After this the blade is finished by hand, the handle is fashioned to fit snugly and smoothly in the hand


  • Material: AUS8 (stainless steel)
    By addition of the following, AUS8(8A) carbon 0.8%, 13-14% of chromium, and molybdenum 0.25%, 0.1-0.3% of vanadium, the stainless steel is further hardened,
    there by reducing wear and abrasion, a technique which was developed by Aichi steel.
    It is widely used in steel products making them easier to sharpen and to treat. HRC57.5±1.



Full length 160mm
Blade length 60mm
Weight 70g
CDN$ 105.00
CDN$ 12.60 (tax) + CDN$ 12.00 (shipping)
Total: CDN$ 129.60
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