History of SEKI knife

Knifes in SEKI has been special since they follow in the footsteps of the first craftsman back 780 years ago. Master sword smith Hiroshige moved to Seki from Kyusyu and began to making a sword. Blacksmith of Seki and Seki city honor the Hiroshige as a founder of sword smith of Seki, also Seki city held供養祭り(Kuyo-matsuri -memorial service festival-) every year in 8th of November.
Seki has produced many expert sculptors such as Kanemoto Magoroku (孫六兼元) and Kanesada Izumimori(和泉守兼定).


Seki City

Pristine NAGARA River flows next by – this ancient city is one hour drive from Nagoya city that seems to be a near future city. Seki city is home to number of craftsmen each of them has different specialties such as famous UKAI and KNIFE.