NUDE+ Chef’s knife

NUDE+ Chef’s knife NUDE+ is crafted with simple beauty and high functionality. The blade reflects the traditional craftsmanship based on the spirit of samurai sword. This took will be an asset to your modern kitchen. We made entire blade from steel, and finished to its beautiful form. The sharp edge is created by grinding the blade repeatedly and carefully, while the unified handle adds to creating a beauty forever. We […]

Miyako Gyuto 180mm

Miyako Gyuto 180mm Miyako SUS Damascus kitchen knife Developed to embody the essential functions and beauty of knives. This masterpiece has all the beauty of classical Japanese knives. Damascus steel, highly valued for its beauty in medieval Syria, has been reproduced for use in the blade, while a matte finish is applied once more after mirror polishing to achieve a soft luster. The blade is carefully formed using the artisanal […]